Thursday, May 31, 2012

Antiques Texas City will be open Thursday May 31st to Saturday June 2nd

Day 61

This little sportscar will be available after June 15th

It has a Ford Mustang subframe & fiberglass body

Ford 4 cylinder engine with automatic transmission

Very good on gas...around 25+ mpg

Contact Roland at

Antiques Texas City
518 6th Street North
Texas City, Texas, 77590

Open Thursday, Friday Saturday

May 31st

June 1st

June 2nd

Hours 11:00am to 5:00pm

We accept credit cards and all major debit cards

Layaway available with 25% down & balance due in 30 days

We are located in the upcycled 1948 Jewel Theater building

Near intersection of 6th Street North and 6th Avenue North

Between Manny's Cigar Factory and the old Grants Department Store

Find use on Google use key words antiques texas city

Yesterday I met with Nicholas Finan

He is the Executive Director Management Services for the City of Texas City

We have an opportunity to have TNT Graphics put some old time Gold Trim border around our windows.

Plus have blue & white vintage style signs promoting B&B's Attic and Antiques Texas City created for our building

They will look like those beautiful new signs on the side of Mr Adair's Antique Shop

Yesterday we were not open
After weeks of being open 7 days a week it was time to catch up on paper work & there was plenty of it.

Plus it is the end of the know what that means

Yes, time to go over the sales reports & write out the pay checks to our Dealers.

We have Dealer Spaces available for rent

10ft x 10ft space is $100. per month

Tired of paying storage fees to keep your collection of precious treasures hidden away in a dark garage where no one can see it?

People want to buy what you have packed away wrapped up in all those newspapers.

Sure, your assortment of "what nots" may be more valuable in the future, but Folks are spending money today.

Our Resale Shop sells antiques, collectibles, used furniture , vintage household goods, retro Ladies fashions & fashion accessories - plus Costume Jewelry, Artwork, Home Decor, & things for your garage and home workshop

14 Dealers rent space and bring in a variety of items to sell.

Please come meet our sales leaders for the month of May.

Mary and Cathy will be here this weekend

This Mother & Daughter team are examples of how Texas Business Women take a business from humble beginnings and build it up ...surviving the economic ups and downs of small town America.

Despite Hurricane Ike, the Bank Crash and Stock Market fiasco of 2008, B&B's Attic is still going strong.

Authentic Texans who take pride in doing things by the book.

Very knowledgeable about antiques and collectibles

They love the business

It's their livelihood.

Come visit us.

Open this week are:

 Bargains and Blessings
Say hello to Tilly & Betty
( just across the street from us )

Peggy's Antique Mall
Billy takes care of business here
( across from the Showboat )

Rust & Dust Resale Shop
See Debbie & Keith
( up past Food King one mile north of us on 6th Street )

Adairs Antiques
Palmer Highway
( between the Glass Shop & the Fire Station)
Burgandy colored Mini Van parked in front of store.

Everyone sells different merchandise

Shopping is entertainment

Too hot to walk in the park

Come visit our air conditioned stores

We are here for you.

Please support your local independent small business owner

We are Citizen Taxpayers who invest our time and money to pursue the American Dream, right here in Texas City.

It's a long walk to the big box stores up on the highway.

I say that because alot of our repeat customers don't drive anymore for a variety of reasons.

But they will walk or charge up the wheel chair to cruise to our stores.

For those customers who do drive, we have plenty of parking available across the street.

Every Customer is our #1 Priority

We are running a special on Flame Retardant Jumpsuits

Flame Retardant work shirts

If you work in the know how expensive these are

Kim Dealer 8 & Monica Dealer 14 have good used flame retardant work clothes in stock.

Love Seats...we have four Love Seats in the showroom

Perfect for Studio Apartment

Dealers #13 and Dealer #2 offering 50% off discounts.

My name is Roland Dressler

I believe in the future of downtown Texas City

The business district has had a remarkable upgrade in roads, sidewalks, streetlamps, & better security with Police Officers keeping our street safe.

Small Businesses create 66% of the jobs in our country.

As a small business owner, I realize how fragile things are in my life and the lives of our neighbors.

Heard a line on a radio show...

"When poverty moves in...Love moves out"

We see it every day.

When you spend your money in our store,
your money remains in Texas City.

We make sure it stays in circulation through the Dry Cleaners, who starch & press my shirts.

To the Seamstress who hems my slacks.

We gas up at Valerio

Buy our Mushroom Pizza at Village Pizza

Get our Groceries from Food King.

It's always one deal at a time in the world of business.

I make sure our dollars are put back to work among our friends  
right here.

There's very little love for boarded up buildings and vacant lots.

Some parts of this proud city look like Detroit, Cleveland, or Youngstown.

Antiques Texas City launched 61 Days Ago.

We have restarted the economic engine the business district

Open when everything is closed

Doing business where no one else will

Available to our customers when they want to shop

We have an online etsy shop

Shop from your I-phone or laptop computer 24/7

Over 2,000 items posted for sale

Vintage & handcrafted treasures

Not in Texas?

I will ship anywhere in the "Free World"

International Export is our specialty

From Australia to Finland and everywhere in between.

We're Texans doing business the old fashioned way.

Please share your thoughts about Texas City

We would love to here from you


Want a fun little convertible?

Look for the store with all the flags

I put furniture on the sidewalk so you know I'm here

Ask for Roland Dressler

Antiques Texas City

Financing Available

Trade Ins Considered

Suprise me!


Send me a photo of what you may want to trade for my car.

We are easy to find

Look for us on Google use key words:

antiques texas city 


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Antiques Texas City will be open Monday May 28th - Holiday Hours 11:00am to 5:00pm

Day 57

We will be open Memorial Day

Hours 11:00am to 5:00pm

Antiques Texas City
518 6th Street North
Texas City, Texas, 77590


We accept Credit Cards & all Major Debit Cards

Located in the upcycled 1948 Jewel Theater in the heart of the downtown business district of Texas City.

B&B's Attic purchased the City of Texas City Secondhand Dealers License.

This license allows us to legally sell used merchandise .

Know who you're doing business with.

We have 14 Dealers who rent space in our store.

Dealer's in our store are registered with the State of Texas

Independent Small Business Owners

Citizen - Taxpayers who enjoy the Antiques & Collectibles resale business.

We are the largest antique shop in Texas City.

We have an etsy online shop with over 2,000 items for sale

We ship anywhere in the "Free World"

International export is our specialty.

More resale shops will be open downtown

Bargains & Blessings - Thurs, Fri, & Sat

Peggy's Antique Mall - Thurs, Fri & Sat

Rust & Dust Resale Shop - Thurs, Fri, & Sat

Antiques Texas City will be open Memorial Day

Monday May 28th    11:00am to 5:00pm

Air conditioned for your shopping comfort.

Too hot to lay on the beach?

Come see what's happening in downtown Texas City.

My name is Roland Dressler

We have Dealer space available

10ft x 10ft rent is $100. montly

Be your own Boss

Earn a check every month instead of paying storage fees

Folks want to buy your surplus inventory

Put your collection up for sale.

Customers are buying what you have tucked away in boxes

Put jingle in your pockets instead of lint in your hand

Remember...the more you sell...the more you can buy!

The road to prosperity is right here in Texas City.

It starts at 518 6th Street North, Texas City, TX, 77590

So, it's a little warm outside.

It's going to get a lot hotter.

We registered our business with Google

Make it easier for customers to find you

Google will publish your business listing online.

Register your business with Google

Your listing will go live everyday online

Keep your hours up to date

Website and other details up to date

Stand out with photos, videos, even coupons!

View your personalized business dashboard for stats on who's visiting your listing and requesting directions to you.

Customers like to know what's going on right now!

For more information, click "Google Places Help"

at the bottom of

Your success is our success

It is so important to bring more small businesses to downtown Texas City.

We are not interested in Federal Pork or Goverment Cheese.

Small businesses create real jobs.

Legitimate businesses provide things people want to buy.

We are self employed & pay taxes

The money Folks spend in our shop stays in Texas City.

We buy our gasoline, groceries, supplies & inventory from places right here in Texas City and La Marque

Real Texans doing business the old fashioned way.

Federal Pork & Goverment Cheese sours in the Texas heat

We are keeping the American Dream alive 

Supporting Businesses that have made it through the Bank Crash of '08 ...remember the Stock Market Crash of October, 2008?

Well now it's now May 2012

People are optimistic about the future. 

Texans don't eat salsa made in New York City.

Texas doesn't need any Chicago Pork & Cheese

Join us

Start a business

Free advice & encouragement upon request

Roland Dressler







Saturday, May 26, 2012

Antiques Texas City 518 6th Street North, Texas City, 77590 Open for business this Memorial Day Weekend Saturday 26th Sunday 27th & Monday 28th

Day 56

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Antiques Texas City
518 6th Street North
Texas City, Texas,77590


We are open Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday 26th

Sunday 27th

Monday 28th

Hours 11:00am to 5:00pm

We accept credit cards & all major debit cards

We are a Resale Shop with 14 Dealers who bring in antiques, collectibles, used furniture, vintage household treasures.

Also selling Fire Retardant Jumpsuits & Shirts for Folks who work in the plants.

Woman's retro fashions and fashion accessories, costume jewelry, Ladies shoes & things for Girls.

Grab bags of junk jewelry for Jeweler projects

Supplies for Artists

Assorted crafting & project goodies

Used tools & things you need around the garage & home.

Plus, Artwork, Figurines, Statues, wall decor & picture frames

Starting over?

We are selling things you need for your new place.

Silverware, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, cooking pots, rice cooker, crock pot, towels, sheets, blankets, kitchenware items , 
the stuff you really gotta have!

We are a Hardware Store for Women

Antiques Texas City is the largest Resale Store in downtown Texas City.

Air Conditioned for your shopping comfort.

Ice cold bottles of water & chilled cans of soda

Our downtown Texas City business district has a new street with new extra wide sidewalks.

Come see what you've been missing!

Need to make some quick cash?

Interesting ideas I saw in a magazine at Kroger's

Best websites for earning extra cash


The planet-conscious folks at Gazelle pay cash for your old electronic gadgets.

They'll fork over $100. for an i-Phone 3GS and upwards of $100 for an old Apple laptop. Plus: free shipping!

Companies want Facebook Likes, YouTube votes, and positive tweets - so much so that they're willing to pay a dime or more per "micro-job" if you help them boost their social media presence with your clicks.
Yes, your're helping them game the system, but you just bought yourself lunch!


Have a quirky talent?

Make some money with it.

Named after a $5. bill, this site lets users post their talents for others to buy.

You earn $4 ( Fiverr nabs the other buck )

Talents range from the practical ( writing a blog post ) to the bizarre ( a custome message by an Alec Baldwin  impersonator


This iPhone and Android app works  like Foursquare, but you earn points instead of badges.

Points are worth a penny , and you can collect them by checking in or for doing simple tasks like posting a pic of you drinking a Starbucks coffee.

Once your're finished shilling, you can trade in your points for cash.

Sometimes as much as 50 bucks - depending on how often you use the app.


Earn Swag Bucks for taking online company surveys, viewing online tutorial videos, and using Swagbuck's unique search engine. 

Trade the digital currency for the real stuff, in the form of gift cards and PayPal credit.

Sure it's mundane work, but one survey can pay up to $50.

Does Angry Birds pay you to waste time? 

I have not tried any of these yet.

Let me know if any of them work out for you

Please remember that our brick & mortar store front is located in the upcycled 1948 Jewel Theater building.

Why bulldoze what can be brought back to use?

A new roof & four new air conditioning units.

( We should have become Roofers & A.C. Techs )

This old Movie Theater is full of nostalgia & stacked high with things your Grand Parents & Great Grand Parents kept 
around the house & farm.

Blessings & Bargains across the street will be open next week.
Tilly & Betty got their air conditioning serviced.

Blessings & Bargains Thrift  Shop is fully stocked with goods

Peggy's Antique Mall will be open Sunday 27th & possibly Monday???

Rust & Dust Resale Shop one mile north of us past Food King will have a Psychic Fair Sunday 27th  12 noon to 4:00pm

Antiques Texas City
518 6th Street North
Texas City, Texas, 77590

We will be open Sunday 27th & Monday 28th

Sunday hours 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Monday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Shop with someone you can trust

B&B's Attic purchased the City of Texas City Secondhand Dealer's License.

We are licensed by Texas City to resell used merchandise from our resale shop.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations.

Do business with Folks who support your city & surrounding community.

Antiques Texas City has joined the Texas City - La Marque Chamber of Commerce.

We are Citizen Taxpayers - independent small business owners who are bringing new life to the business district of downtown Texas City.

Antiques Texas City was launched 56 days ago.

Come join us

We have 4 Dealer Spaces available for rent.

Live the American Dream

It's happening right here

Write it down:

It it's to be...

It's up to me!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Antiques Texas City - We are a Hardware Store for Girls! Repair Manual for Fiat X1-9 years 1974 to 1980 cute Italian small sportscar with a targa top Keep your Summer Toys running smooth Holy Icon of Haynes Repair Manuals

Day 54


Telephone: (409) 949 -9955 

Open Tuesday thru Saturday

Hours 11:00am to 5:00pm

We sell repair manuals for vintage sports cars


FIAT X 1/9

1974 thru 1980

All models 1290 cc (78.7 cu in) - 1498 (91.4 cu in)

Owners Workshop Manual

copyright 1977 - 1980

This old repair manual covers absolutely everything you could wish to know.

Antiques Texas City has 14 Dealers selling in our store.

Dealer spaces are available for rent

$1.00 a square foot

10ft x 10ft minimum

Four spaces available

No commission only pay to rent the space.

We are Citizen Taxpayers reminding all Americans that there still exists a yearning for liberty, freedom and independence that will not be denied.

Remember to fly Old Glory...  let it fly every day as a testimonial to real men and real women who would rather work and fight than shed tears and beg for goverment charity.

Let it act as a cohesive force, drawing all freedom loving Americans together in the cause of freedom.

Independent Small Business Owners recognize the importance of being your own boss with the freedom to make your own choices, free to earn your own livelihood.

Memorial Day is Monday, May 28th, 2012 

Please fly our Flag proudly

Freedom isn't free.

 God bless freedom loving people everywhere.