Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Real Texans doing business the Old Fashioned Way!

1950's Americana

Authentic Texans

Doing business the Old Fashioned Way

Texans don't print money

We make money

Don't worry about Trillions of Dollars tossed out the window

Forget about the Folks who spend more than they earn.

Shop with us and get a "Quarter" out of every "Nickle"

No financial "bailout" needed here!

We never accepted any Chicago Pork or Goverment Cheese

Our success is a result of our own hard work

We built this business ourselves

Life is better on Galveston Bay

You can enjoy the warm tropical days on the dock

Texans still enjoy a higher standard of living 

We take advantage of unique opportunities

Most of us work two jobs and operate a business on the side.

My name is Roland Dressler 

Economic growth is the key to our success

We are a small family owned business

Had to tighten the belt

Trim the fat

Reinvesting our profits back into our business.

We are focused on exporting antiques  
out of Texas to other collectors around the world.

International export is our specialty.

Please visit our online etsy shop

Antiques Texas City
518 6th Street North
Texas City, Texas, 77590

Open Thursday 11 to 5

For the very best in downtown Texas City's historical district 
you should see what's happening on the "Street of Dreams"

You will meet the most fascinating People

Many new and exciting things are happening.

Shop where it still feels like the 1950's

Happy Days are here again!

We are selling this restored Coke vending machine

Selling 1998 VW Cabrio Convertible

4 cylinder Automatic

Price $2,800. cash

Extra Wide Tow Dolly Trailer

Self Tilting Ramps - One Man Load and Go

Swivel Base

Pull Full Size Truck or Van cross country with ease

Price $1,200

The world has changed many times over

Who could forget a good newspaper read just before dinner

When I was a Kid , we had a morning and afternoon paper

Now most people watch cable TV or Poor Folks see whats on "Digital TV"

The art of setting High Goals is not a lost art

We want to soar with the Eagles

That's why we are reorganizing our business model

Changing the way we handle inventory

Improving our packing and shipping time rate

Our online sales have been doing well

We will always offer larger Cash and Carry items available for local pickup in Galveston County.

But our main focus is selling online in our Etsy Shop 

You save Time and Money when you shop online

The Texas Gulf Coast is full of treasure

We find most of our inventory at estate sales 
on Galveston Island 

Get to meet alot of nice people here visiting Texas

Where else could you sell antiques out of an old Movie Theater building but in Texas City.

God bless Texas

God bless freedom loving people everywhere