Friday, February 15, 2013

Antiques Texas City

Antiques Texas City
518 6th Street North
Texas City, Texas, 77590

We sell antiques and collectibles

We sell vintage fur coats

Retro Wedding dresses & Bridal accessories

WWII relics of advertising world

Plus all things Nautical

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Antiques Texas City

Vintage collectibles

Retro Wildlife

Italian artwork

Made in Italy

1960's figurines

If you enjoy shopping

Please visit the historic district in downtown
Texas City

Antiques Texas City
518 6th Street North
Texas City, Texas, 77590 

My name is Roland Dressler 

The problem is not Gun Control

But Cowardly Criminals.

Freedom to be Independent and think for yourself 
is really what Evil Doers and Criminals are attacking.

I graduated from a public high school in 1981

I built myself a career and spent a number of years in the $80,000 income range

It's not what you are given by the Goverment

But what you make of yourself

Freedom to build your self into a position of respectable provider of services or producer of goods.

Many Americans have taken a position of 

See No Evil

Hear No Evil

Speak No Evil

The Federal Goverment is not my "Parent"

Constitution was written in such a way that the power never leaves the People.

When the People people fear the goverment , 
you are no longer free.

Socialism affects everyone's Liberty and Freedom.

They would take away your Freedom to worship God

Why would a Goverment prevent people from practicing their Christian faith.

    Goverment is not here to take care of me

Goverment  does not give raises to common sense Working Guys like myself.

Goverment is only here to help those Citizens who can not help themselves 

Socialism will not bring us together

In a healthy way.

Goverment is not our "Mom" and "Dad" 

We love the 1950's

What was true in 1953 remains true in 2013

Spies, Lies, Heroes, and Disgrace

We are not the misguided "Children" of America

The ideology of Goverment as our "Parent" is flawed and convoluted.

Socialism - Communism is not the solution

They will play a "Game" with you

Boris, Natashia and Fearless Leader

The real life Characters in Politics are far more sinister than what we saw years ago

Take a trip to a better America

Capitalism works because Americans work

Basic economics still work

Texans are working

A minimum wage job is not a permanent career

Oil provides jobs

Oil creates opportunity

Oil is the life blood of our economy

What would happen if the Goverment prevented us from being engaged in oil production?

Raise the Minimum Wage to improve the economy?

Goverment does not create jobs

We are optimistic about the future of Texas

Our family business was built by us.

No Chicago Pork or Goverment Cheese

We pump our own gasoline

Our own money and hard work launched Antiques Texas City in Texas City in our "Brick and Mortar" store front operation.

We love being located in the historical district of downtown Texas City.

Across the street from Blessings and Bargains

We offer discounts and special offers

Discounts for our Loyal Etsy Customers

It's a party at 

We sell relics of a "Free America"

We sell memories

1952 MG-TD Fiberfab Replicar

Ford 4 cylinder with automatic transmission

$5,000. cash 

International Export is our Specialty

We will ship anywhere in the "Free World" 

Our business started from humble beginnings

Our antique business has changed since Ike

I collect model airplane kits

Wanted: model airplane kits 
Any scale
Open box kits O.K.
Quick cash for surplus inventory
Will buy one kit or your entire collection

As the economy changes in Texas City and our business expands to new markets, we will be more focused on our online Etsy Shop

The location in the upcycled 1948 Jewel theater building allowed us two years of face to face meetings with local buyers and collectors.

Being in the center of "The Street of Dreams" gave us a unique perspective of the downtown Texas City market we used to shop at the various business storefronts since 2003.

We had opportunity to meet other small business owners and Antique Dealers.

Please visit the online selling community 

We will be selling 24 hours a day ...7 days a week

We sell memories , right here in Texas City.

Come see what's really going on

The Texas City Dike is a fun place to visit

God bless Texas

God bless Freedom loving people everywhere!

Pray for peace.