Friday, July 5, 2013

Antiques Texas City We sell online in our Etsy Shop ...our online Antique Store is Open 7 Days a Week - 24 hours a day For more info check out this link International Export our Specialty - We will ship anywhere in the "Free World"

Sunday, June 30th , 2013 was our last day in "brick and mortar" storefront building at corner of 6th Street North and 6th Avenue North ... the 524 6th Street North location in downtown Texas City had great visibility but we could only be open four days a week. 
  What ever we do
We want to be the best at it
Protestant work ethic 
There is virtue in work
Even though we're wealthy we still enjoy work
As the local economic development continues to change in downtown Texas City.
We decided to focus on our online sales
Selling on Etsy allows for people to see our products 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.
The fun corner store antique shop was only open 4 days a week 11:00am to 5:00pm
Limited our contact with customers.

Check out our online etsy shop at this link

This is America
We stand for Freedom
Freedom means doing business without restrictions

We are Antique Dealers

In addition to our online sales

We are going to sell our collectibles 

at  Antique Shows

and conduct Estate Sales.

It's Friday , July 5th, 2013

Our air conditioners are getting serviced today.

Gotta keep our 2,800 sq ft warehouse at 72 degrees no matter how hot it gets outside.


Telephone 281.338.2653





Having a huge warehouse is wonderful

But having Air Conditioning is priceless

Antiques Texas City is no longer on 6th Street North in downtown Texas City

But there are many new Antique shops open for business in the historical district of Texas City.

Our business is strickly online sales

Take a look at what we sell on etsy

See what's happening in our world here on the Texas Gulf Coast 

We are independent small business owners

Investing our time and money in special projects.

Remember why we celebrate the Fourth of July

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness 

Don't let "Them" steal your Religion or Constitutional right to keep and bear firearms.

God Bless Texas

God bless freedom loving people everywhere.